Relevant Books on Israel and Palestine:

Sandy Tolan, The Lemon Tree. [A good place to begin learning about the conflict through the stories of both an Israeli and a Palestinian family.]

Sandy Tolan, Children of the Stone: The Power of Music in a Hard Land.

Elias Chacour, Blood Brothers: The Dramatic Story of a Palestinian Christian Working for Peace in Israel.

Mitri Raheb, Faith in the Face of Empire.

Mitri Raheb, I Am a Palestinian Christian.

Beverly Milton-Edwards, The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A People’s War. [Academic, though very accessible history of the conflict and Israeli occupation.]

Tom Segev, One Palestine Complete. [An in-depth history of British colonialism in Palestine by a well-known mainstream Israeli journalist.]

Tom Segev, 1967: Israel, the War and the Year that Transformed the Middle East. [Israeli journalist’s perspective on the events prior to and subsequent to the 1967 war. Good analysis of Israeli social history of discrimination within Israeli society from that period.]

Jimmy Carter, Peace, Not Apartheid.