“’Ta’al Amu Grayvey, Ta’al Amu Grayvey’ my Palestinian niece would call me when she wanted me to come out and crack walnuts or join her in the games we would play. My niece currently lives in Ramallah and her parents live with the worry of the Israeli occupation. Even though her father is Lutheran pastor, she will probably grow up without the chance to leave the West Bank, access to good health care, and live in crumbling infrastructure that is denied aid because of fear of the people being terrorist, people like my 2 year old niece. I was accepted in her family and I cannot in good conscious let my retirement benefit at the expense of my niece. While she may not be my niece in blood, I love her and her family like my own. I support screening of the companies who we as a church invest in, and wish we would even go further and do an outright boycott of the companies.”