Please consider the testimony and reflections of a former Church volunteer:

“For two years, one as a [Church volunteer working in Palestine] and one as a fourth year seminarian, I lived in and around Jerusalem walking alongside, working with, and learning from the people of the Holy Land, especially our companion synod. I quickly learned once living there that while the news is quick to tell us of the daily violence that occurs in that region, we don’t see the deep violence that our economic investments directly inflict upon the occupied population of Palestine with rippling repercussions for the State of Israel. Having seen this reality, I was granted new eyes to see how it is our duty as people of faith, of mercy, of justice, and of grace to invest our financial resources responsibly, in ways that do not produce the structural violence that continues to oppress our brothers and sisters around the world who are our family in Christ. Just as we commit to walking alongside our companion synod and their community in Israel and Palestine, so too must we commit to that walk in all realms of our faithful living, including how we invest our resources in the States. As such, with prayers of gratitude, humility, and hope, I fully support memorial C1, and especially support memorial C2 and its call to adopt a ‘human rights social criteria investment screen based on the social teachings of this church and the concerns raised in the ELCA Middle East Strategy.’”