Need more information?  Can’t figure out what we’re talking about?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

If you feel like you really need to learn more about the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and its impact, here are some good “starter” videos:

Films/Documentaries available on the Internet:

“Christians of the Holy Land” (14 minutes) [Brief, basic introduction from the CBS 60 Minutes program. Includes some quotes from Palestinian Lutheran Pastor Mitri Raheb and a description of the Kairos Document. Available on YouTube.]

Detaining Dreams (20 minutes): [Learn about children being detained, interrogated and prosecuted in military courts.  This is a good place to begin thinking about lack of due process under military occupation]:

Via the “No Way to Treat a Child” website:

Also available directly on YouTube:

Fallout in Gaza (26 minutes): [Very few journalists have been able or willing to travel to Gaza to report on what daily life is like for the people of Gaza. Vice News does groundbreaking investigative video journalism in the Middle East and elsewhere.]

The Iron Wall (52 minutes): [A history and explanation of Israeli colonization of the West Bank since 1967.]

The Garbage Cage (30 minutes): [This documentary explores how even the straightforward task of collecting garbage is complicated by the military occupation. Also documents the lives of those who must survive by scavenging.]

The Settlers (58 minutes): [Explores the process of illegal settlement in the city of Hebron and takes an inside look at the lives of Israelis who move there.]

Palestine Shorts [Produced by the Oregon Synod of the ELCA, these five short films provide personal insights into the lives of Lutherans living under the occupation.]


Mainstream films that are widely available:

Lawrence of Arabia [Classic 1962 film on British colonization of the Middle East.]

The Gatekeepers [Activities of the Israeli internal security service, as told by those who have served within the agency.]


Other excellent documentaries available in the U.S.:

Checkpoint (1 hour, 20 minutes) [2005 documentary by Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir showing daily interactions at Israeli military checkpoints in the West Bank, demonstrating how both Israeli society and Palestinians are being victimized by Israeli government actions. Can be purchased on Amazon.]

Israel vs. Israel (58 minutes) [A film about Israeli peace activists—many Israelis do not agree with the actions of their government. Available for viewing on Amazon Prime.]

5 Broken Cameras (1 hour, 30 minutes) [Oscar-nominated film about a Palestinian farmer who risks his livelihood to document Israeli confiscation of land in his hometown. Can be purchased or rented on Amazon.]

Arna’s Children (1 hour, 24 minutes) [Documentary about a dying Israeli woman who works to bring the experience of live theater to Palestinian children. Can be purchased from third-party sellers via Amazon.]

Little Town of Bethlehem: The Movie (77 minutes) [Film about non-violent activism in Israel and Palestine. May be difficult to find.]

Route 181 (4 hours, 30 minutes) [A collaborative effort between Israeli filmmaker Eyal Sivan and Palestinian filmmaker Michel Khleifi, showing the experience of occupier/occupied through a wide-variety of human interactions. Although one of the best documentaries available, the film is difficult to purchase in the U.S. There are excerpts available on YouTube, some which have English subtitles and others that do not.]