What does WAYD mean? It stands for What Are You Doing?

For those readers who might be less Internet and social media savvy (not that I’m any expert, by the way), check out this handy acronym: “wayd” (= “what are you doing?) a shorthand many people use to ask for a quick update on their friends’ or family’s current activities of the day.

You’ll see a lot on this website about “the Kairos Document” or “Kairos Palestine” which you can read here.  And if you don’t think you have time to read the whole thing, I’ll give you the bottom line:  Palestinian Christians (including Lutheran Christians) are in dire straits and have explicitly asked for our help–almost SEVEN YEARS AGO.

Maybe you didn’t even know this.  But now you do.  So the question now becomes, how will you respond? WAYD?

I’ve long noticed that people who are working the hardest here in the U.S. to end the Israeli occupation are often the exact same people who are working the hardest to help support Lutheran ministries in the West Bank/East Jerusalem—three quick examples: Opportunity Palestine, Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy and Bright Stars of Bethlehem.

And to the people in the ELCA who are working equally hard to ensure billions of U.S. tax dollars will continue to flow to the Israeli military and weapons manufacturers in order to maintain a brutal occupation, I often wonder—in what way have you supported and accompanied Lutheran ministries in Palestine?