Well, it hasn’t been all that long since our August Churchwide Assembly (only four months); in one sense many things have stayed pretty static and in another sense, it feels like the world has been turned upside down(!). So, for the end of the year I thought I would post a series of updates regarding the ELCA position on the Israeli Occupation and Israel/Palestine, just for documentation as well as to help keep the events in perspective going forward.

I’ve divided the actions into three major categories that will appear in subsequent posts:

1) Actions by the Churchwide staff

2) Actions undertaken by the Church Council

3) Political developments, including actions by the Obama Administration, potential developments under the Trump Administration (I’ll get out my crystal ball) and some comments about Standing Rock.

I hope everyone reading this has been having a wonderful holiday season and I/we wish you all a safe and happy 2017 as you celebrate and contemplate 500 years of semper reformanda: always needing to be reformed!

–Dale Loepp